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Hello from Chef Yigit!

Oct 13, 2015

yigit pura

Welcome to SWEET LIVING at Tout Sweet! It is a place to share what’s going on in the patisserie, at our San Francisco Ferry Building and Farmer’s Market stands, what’s fresh and what’s exciting.  I have to admit that I was hesitant to get into this project because I’m reluctant to start anything that pulls me out of my creative-kitchen space.  As I do with most problems, I found a solution by remembering what excites and inspire me. The answer is: sharing my pastry-geekiness.

yigit pura crocembouch

Over time, our loyal Tout Sweet customers and followers may have realized that I’m a pastry geek. No…in fact, they know I’m a complete geek when it comes to all things sugar! I love being a pastry chef because I get to play with design, flavor, and texture – all of which utilize natural sciences and chemistry. I enjoy mastering old techniques so that I can experiment with them and create new innovations. I get to play in a medium that combines my love of flavors and science, married together with sentiment and emotions. In exploring the possibilities, I realized that I am a Pastry Geek and I am proud of it.

tout sweet patisserie

I hope you’ll enjoy my ramblings and rants about macarons, pastries, designs, what’s going on at Tout Sweet and what we’re most excited about. My brain never stops churning out crazy ideas, some of which turn into really wicked awesome desserts by measure of a geeky thought process, inspiration, team collaboration and at times, trial and error. I want to share all of this with you! I suppose this is like pastry therapy for you and me both.

I am so excited to share useful information, tips & tricks, and inspiring stories.  I’ll make sure to add in some pastry recipes and behind the scenes anecdotes to keep you entertained. As always, I’m filled with gratitude for my job, my partners and for the people who buy and eat my sweets. With every bite, I always want our patrons to be surprised, delighted and left wanting more.

XO Chef Yigit

yigit pura cake

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