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Opening a pâtisserie has always been a dream of mine and I couldn’t be more excited to do it in my hometown of San Francisco, a city which I adore.

I appreciate the San Francisco Bay Area not only for its access to the bounty from California’s small family farms, but because it is also a melting pot of many cultures. These qualities bring a unique opportunity to constantly experiment with different flavors and explore fun ways of approaching classic desserts.

Tout Sweet Pâtisserie – a partnership between myself and Taste Catering and Event Planning’s co-owners, MeMe Pederson and Janet Griggs – is intended to whet your appetite and imagination with a delectable selection of sweet and savory treats including French macarons, petit gâteaux (“small cakes”), verrines (layered parfaits) as well as beautifully packaged treats for gifts and home.


Inspiration for me is everywhere.

That’s what’s so exciting about pastry making. Whether it’s a musician, a poem or a favorite travel destination, I like to explore what they would taste like on a sweet palate.

I am intrigued by how an experience or emotion can be translated into a dessert, and have introduced a unique “Inspired Flavors” line with distinctively paired ingredients, flavors, and textures. One of the first desserts in the “Inspired Flavors” line to be featured is “Tesla.” Inspired by Nikola Tesla’s unique vision to translate electricity into power, I created this one-of-a-kind passion fruit, yuzu and meyer lemon “electric” flavor profile, which I showcase in a petit gâteau, jar of fruit curd, pâtes de fruit and other confections.

Store Design

Tout Sweet’s innovative store design grew out of my love and fascination with modern pâtisserie while also appealing to my “inner child.”

It is important to me that the store design is as stunning as the treats it houses.

The Macy’s Union Square Store infuses an authentic French ambience with a clean and modern California perspective. Retail shelving along the perimeter of the store displays gift options including dessert sauces, fruit curds, artisanal jams, marmalades and other confections.

Tables and chairs nestled throughout the store provide seating for up to 20 people. A communal table serves as the centerpiece allowing for a relaxed and informal atmosphere and the opportunity to engage in conversation with other guests.

Community dining is a key element of cafes, pâtisseries and bistros throughout Europe. Even though we are in the heart of a major metropolitan city, I want to encourage guests to connect, interact, and get acquainted within our sweet ambience.

The Rose

The inspiration behind our logo design comes from my fascination with Japanese minimalism coupled with a love of floral flavors, many of which are incorporated into my desserts.

My father’s favorite flower was the rose. He always encouraged me to pursue my sweet dreams, so I wanted to put the rose as the focal point of our logo in his memory.

Breakfast & Lunch Items

Our pâtisserie in Macy’s Union Square features the freshest ingredients from the world renowned Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and I have created a menu of breakfast and lunch items with unique combinations of ingredients and flavors.

Breakfast items include freshly baked morning pastries, layered yogurt parfaits and specialty breakfast sandwiches. A pleasing array of savory luncheon items are now available including hot and cold  sandwiches, as well as a selection of wonderful local artisanal cheeses and fresh organic fruits.

My Promise To You

I want to make your heart smile from the moment you walk into our pâtisserie, lay eyes on our beautifully packaged pastries, cakes, verrines, cookies, tarts, pate de fruits, dessert sauces, fruit curds, jams, flavored marshmallows and other wonderful items.

So whether you are looking for a tasty treat to bring home, a delicious gift for a dessert lover or something to nibble right in our shop, I know that you will find it at Tout Sweet Pâtisserie.

This has been a dream twelve years in the making. I look forward to seeing you – and your inner child – in San Francisco soon.

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