Pâte de Fruit Sampler #2, (9 pieces)

Pâte de Fruit Sampler #2, (9 pieces)


Sampler of Raspberry-Fig Balsamic, Apricot Lemon-Verbena, Strawberry-Yuzu Pâte de Fruit

An assortment of our core and newest flavors! Raspberry-Fig, Apricot-Lemon Verbena, Strawberry-Yuzu. (Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free). 9 pieces

RASPBERRY-FIG: Raspberry puree, sugar, glucose, balsamic. pectin, citric acid;
APRICOT-LEMON VERBENA: apricot puree, sugar. glucose, lemon verbena compound. citric acid, pectin;
STRAWBERRY-YUZU: strawberry puree, sugar, glucose, yuzu juice, citri

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